Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is a ‘wish-come-true’ program, especially for women dreaming of sculpted booty.

As would be well-known, burning fat to lose weight is no easy job, especially when it accumulates around your butt and near thighs.

However, if you wish to enhance your looks, having an attractive, well-structured butt is a must. Do you agree?

If yes, then read on to know the easiest possible way of shaping your booty while achieving your weight loss goal!

What Is Yoga Booty Challenge?

Yoga Booty Challenge is a workout program specially designed by Zoe Bray-Cotton for women who want to lose their weight while toning their booty.

It is progressive in nature and exploits Dynamic Sequencing Yoga principles to shape the butt while tightening the thigh muscles.

This programs span for 12 weeks and includes three easy-to-do exercises extending for 15 minutes.

Astonishingly, you can opt for breaks as per your wish! In other words, you can practice this program at your own pace, as long as you retain your commitment.

The challenge is designed to ensure smooth implementation by all women.


Yoga burn booty challenge

No matter whether you are just a beginner for fitness culture or are an expert, Yoga Burn Booty Challenge exercises can benefit you! Are you worried about being left behind due to overweight? No need – after all, the exercises are meant to reduce your weight to normal!

Cannot adhere to strict diets? Don’t worry, it does not demand it. Deficit of time and money to spend on gym or yoga sessions? Actually, you don’t need to!

Because all suggested workouts can be easily practiced at your place of choice and at your chosen time.

Who Is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the woman behind Yoga Burn Booty Challenge.

She is an internationally certified personal trainer, proactive as a yoga instructor, and a female body transformation specialist.

She has been active in the field for many years, during which she has won the trust of more than 1 million women clients distributed all over the world.

founder of yoga burn booty challenge

Zoe Bray-Cotton

Zoe is also the creator of Yoga Burn, a best-selling fitness system for women, and the owner of Yoga Burn Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How Does Yoga Booty Challenge Work?

Your butt relies on three types of muscles – gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus – to function effectively.

Loss of strength in at least one of them would lead to severe repercussions. Some of the problems encountered would be a flat bum, sore hips, knee pain, loss of balance and gluteal amnesia, or sleepy bum syndrome.

If you want to avoid these, it is necessary to enhance muscle flexibility and restoration power by performing some regular movements. P

ractical, but simple exercises to accomplish this are explained in the program of Yoga Burn Booty Challenge.

Through this challenge, you can activate, strengthen, and stiffen your glute muscles relatively easily and quickly.

The effect would be a toned butt adding a new feather for your attractive body shape.

Yoga Booty Challenge Breakdown

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge involves three different phases – Prime, Activate, and Pump, abbreviated as PAP.

PAP technique is based on the principle of progressive overload and guides you to do the right exercises in the right order for the right time.

This enhances the suppleness of your butt by putting all its muscles to the right kind of action.

In fact, the PAP method revitalizes your entire body as it increases the rate of metabolism, fills it with extra energy, gives it a slim shape, and makes it much more fit and healthy.

Like to discover more? Read on…

Phase 1: Priming

The priming phase is the first phase of every exercise and is more like a warm-up session. It wakes up your dormant glute muscles and prepares them for the next steps.

In actual sense, this initial phase ‘primes’ all major muscles surrounding your butt area by triggering a strong mind-muscle connection.

At the end of the prime phase, all your booty muscles would be out from their inactive state and will be ready to work at their optimal capacity.

The importance of this phase lies in the fact that it helps you fight both sleep bum syndrome as well as ‘pancake butt’ scenario.

Besides, it nurtures and increases the flexibility of your joints and ligaments, leaving your body less vulnerable to possible strains and injuries.

Phase 2: Activate

This phase of the PAP framework introduces you to a set of exercises that shape your butt while not making your thighs bulky.

The series of suggested movements put your pre-warmed gluten muscles to full action.

These workouts are expected to be performed in a definite order so as to tighten, lift, tone, and strengthen each muscle fiber of your body.

Activate phase fires up all three glute muscles in a particular sequence.

Resulting effective activation of every single butt muscle would burn the fat stored in your booty, giving it a good shape.

You can potentially experience the burning effect if you follow the sequence exactly by pulling every single muscle in the right way until they get fully exhausted.

Phase 3: Pumping

This last phase of each workout suggested in the challenge enriches the effects that were set-in in the previous stage.

This means, in the pump phase, your gluten muscles will be further tightened to result in an attractive butt.

Physiologically speaking, they increase the blood flow and elevate your rate of metabolism to a much higher level.

In fact, in Yoga Burn Booty Challenge, these post-exercise results are made to remain effective up to 48 hours after you finish your workout! How??

It is because of the ‘after burn effect’ that keeps-up the practice of burning fats even after you end your exercise session.

The resulting direct consequence would be a visually noticeable reduction in the stubborn fat present around your butt area.

Who Is This Program For?

Yoga Booty Challenge is primly designed for women whose age ranges from 18 to 65 years.

It suits all kinds of people ranging from newbies to experts, in fitness, yoga, and work-out arenas.

The program is structured to extend maximum benefits to every woman, irrespective of how much she weighs.

What If It Doesn’t Work for Me?

This is the easiest way of toning your booty while losing weight. Nonetheless, if the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge workout does not produce any noticeable changes in you within 60 days, you can get your money back.

Yes! It’s true. This challenge comes with an assured 60-day money-back guarantee that refunds your money within 48 hours when approached through email or phone call.

Most importantly, you can avail this offer on ‘no-question’ principle, never mind whether you purchased digital or physical version.

Is the Workout Difficult?

Absolutely not! Three suggested workouts are relatively simple and demand for a mere 15 minutes in your day spanning for 24 hours.

You can schedule the exercises at a time which suits you the best and can take breaks as frequently as you wish!

They can be practiced with ease right at your home – no need to commute for being a part of a gym or a yoga class.

This makes Yoga Burn Booty Challenge, a self-paced program for sculpting your butt while not compelling you to practice any diet!!

Pros & Cons

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is laden with loads of advantages, some of which are mentioned here below.

  • Tones butt muscles systematically and by natural means
  • Suits all kind of women – from newbies to experts
  • Self-paced and permits sufficient intervals
  • Offers 60-day money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction
  • Available in both digital and physical mode
  • Revitalizes your energy level and improves flexibility
  • Accelerates the rate of metabolism
  • Increases the level of self-confidence

However, it is to be noted that this Yoga Burn Booty Challenge does NOT give you instant results. The outcomes are varied from person to person.

It also demands regular practice and considerable patience to avail of long-lasting health benefits.


Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is a beauty-cum-fitness program designed especially for women.

It works based on the principle of dynamic yoga and suggests a series of exercises that need to perform in a specific order for the right time.

Each of these workouts passes through three phases. Namely, Priming, Activating and Pumping to stimulate each of your lazy butt muscles.

This will burn the fat present around your butt and thigh region, toning your booty to an attractive shape.

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is laden with dozens of benefits when it comes to body shape and health.

Moreover, all exercises are simple and are neither stringent in terms of time nor place-of-practice.

So, why delay? Just resort to this challenge and experience its visual benefits at the earliest.