Old School New Body, also known as the focus for exercise (F4x), is a modern muscle gaining and weight-loss package that has been devised for a person of 35 years and above.

It comes with different phases that you are supposed to undergo to obtain good results.


The F4X program

Most of the physical fitness and health plans are designed purposely to increase your levels of fitness and help you in fighting weight loss issues.

But this program is purely meant to help you look younger and also fight the aging processes.

Who Is the Founder of This Program?

The author of the program is Steve Holman, the Editor-in-Chief of one of the oldest and most popular fitness magazines on the planet: Iron Man Magazine.

Steve Holman

But don’t let the name “Iron Man” fool you… they have a large female readership. Because they focused on the truth, not absurd gimmicks, or worthless machines.

He works out with his wife – Becky. His wife’s figure has changed a lot since then.


Becky’s Before and After

This may be a good choice that makes it safer as compared to other fitness programs, that are produced by untrained and inexperienced personnel.

The Old School New Body has specialized designers with skills required in body fitness sectors.

Phases Involved in Old School New Body Programs

The F4x plans are undertaken in different phases that you have to undergo before getting the best results.

  • Phase one: Burn out of the excess fats. This helps you to quickly develop a leaner body despite your current age. And it is an essential phase that is intended to be undertaken easily by everyone.
  • Phase two: Help you to get an attractive body. It’s a phase after the initial stage of shedding off your weight. Its primary purpose is to make sure that you acquire an attractive body shape, making you appear younger than you have ever thought.
  • Phase Three: Make you come up with serious muscles. It is mostly the best option for men, given that the muscles enhance their self-esteem and also build up their physique.

Unique Advantages

What benefits do most people get when they decide to get involved in this program? This e-book will popularize some scientific knowledge.

content of old school new body

Table of content

1. You’ll Know Why Your Body Is Aging

It is caused by free radicals. A small number of free radicals can be absorbed by the body, but excessive free radicals will harm the body. Generally, there are many reasons for the body to produce free radicals.

Like smoking and drinking, and there is another reason that many people may not know.

It’s excessive exercise. That’s right, so control your workout time, otherwise, it may be counterproductive.

2. Suitable for All Age

The F4x is becoming popular because of its ability to be used by individuals of all ages.

This makes it different from other programs that are made to be used specifically for the young generation.

On the contrary, it is mainly meant for the people who are over the age of 35, 45, 50 and even the ones in their sixties but with the urge of looking younger.

Are you worried that you will get the huge, weird muscles you see on the cover of the bodybuilding magazine? No need to worry.

Because that’s not built by training hard. That’s built by training hard, taking illegal drugs, and eating like a horse.

If you are between 40 and 50 years old, you can slow down your aging and get an enviable figure. You can save yourself a difficult exploration process.

And Steve Holman and Becky are also at this age. They work out hard and get what they want.


Steve Holman and Becky Holman

If you are over 60 years old, then you need to control the intensity of training a little. The older we get, the faster the muscle declines, so we need exercise to keep our muscles active.

3. Little Time Taken

This is what makes this work out to be unique among others. It only requires you to set aside at list 90 minutes in a week, for you to come up with amazing results.

The most attractive thing is that it is not like most of the programs which are strenuous and requires you to spare a lot of time, which proves to be hard for most people with busy schedules. So this program is easy to stick to it.

4. Easy and Concise

This is the easiest program and user-friendly than most of the fitness plans.

It is very comprehensive and only gives the users the necessary information which cannot overwhelm them at the beginning.

Its contents are always understandable and smooth to be followed by anyone.

5. Best for Improving Your Moods and Energy

The plan is created gives good exercises that promote the release of hormonal chemicals in your brain. These chemicals improve your moods making you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

And the plans also make your body to be physically engaged. This is known to reduce various forms of anxiety and depression, therefore, enhancing your self-esteem at all times.

6. Speeds up Body Metabolism

Metabolism is simply the process that involves the conversion of the foods eaten into body energy. Given that the f4x is all about exercise, your body metabolism is guaranteed to improve.

This is because the plan ensures that you develop lean muscles that are scientifically known to boost your metabolic rate especially when you are at rest.

7. Cheap and Guaranteed Refund

This is the cheapest and pocket-friendly idea that you can shop around. It only cost you $20.

Most programs are sold with a rule of “once goods are sold they can’t be returned”. But this is different from this program, given that all customers are entitled to a 100% refund of their money in 60 days.

It also refunds back its customers 100% of the money they may have used to purchase the product, in case they find the products unsuitable.


Well, each product comes with its goodness and also the disadvantages.

Therefore we cannot mislead you by only giving the positive side of our plan without opening up on its shortcomings. It has a few disadvantages that come along with it. They include:

1. Online Content

One of the limitations that commonly experienced by many users is that its manual and instruction guidelines are only accessed through the internet.

2. Varying Time of the Results

Naturally, our bodies are different. This fact makes some people see the program’s results firster than others. It is also considered to be somehow slow given that you are required to spend on 90 minutes of your weeks.

These may require you to be more dedicated and committed to obtaining the results that you may desire.


Besides the many advantages that this package can bring at your doorsteps, it also comes with some added advantages too.

They include F4X Quick Start Workout Guide, Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets, Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets, Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets,  Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets.

Bonus of old school new body

Your Bonus

But the good news is that they are now selling at a discount of ONLY $20. So are you ready to get younger with a price of $20?