Have you heard about a low-carb diet in the past? A low-carb diet is a type of diet that limits the amount of carbohydrates intake in the body.

When one consumes high carbohydrates, the sugars are broken down to give the body high energy. That enables muscle growth and rapid weight gain.

Limiting the intake of the carbohydrates in your body can help one to lose weight quickly. Both the keto diet and the paleo diet are low-carb diets and they do work for weight loss.

But the keto diet places firm limits on carbs. Know more differences here.

Low-Carb Diet Works for Losing Weight

One of the reasons why low-carb diets work is the decrease in insulin levels in the body.

Insulin is an endogenous hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. Insulin stimulates the production of fat in the body and inhibits the burning of this fat in the body.

When the insulin level is balanced, we have a balanced energy level and the body burns fat efficiently. Balanced energy levels are the goal of the low carb diet.


A low-carb diet lower and balance insulin levels in the human body, burning stored fat for energy. In retrospect, the body stores fat when insulin levels in the body are high.

If your diet contributes to high insulin levels, it leads to an increase in fat storage. And that leads to unwanted weight gain.

Benefits of Taking a Low-Carb Diet

1. The decrease in water weight

In the early days of the low carb diet, people notice a drastic reduction in weight.

This weight loss in the first days is due to the weight loss of the water. This weight loss occurs due to the reduction in blood sugar caused by the diet.

When the blood sugar drops, the sodium level in the kidney decreases. In this way, it will lead to a reduction in the weight of the water.

normal blood sugar

Many people who suffer from high blood pressure also have a drop in blood pressure at this time.

2. Muscle mass and decreased appetite

The increase in protein intake in the low-carb diet contributes to fat burning and the formation of muscle mass.

 Because of its nature, we feel full of protein longer, so the appetite decreases.

The increase in muscle increases the metabolism of the body. Therefore, it will also contribute to increasing the burning of fat. 

3. Low-carb diets contribute to the fight against various life diseases

Low-carbohydrate diets are not only excellent for weight loss but also contribute to the fight against various life diseases, such as type II diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome.

People who follow this diet experience a drop in blood pressure and blood sugar regulation.

Some people suffer from diabetes out there. You will note that such people are normally advised to change the carb intakes in their diet. 

4. Increase your mental function

This can make you more productive in the workplace.

If you have been struggling with depression and anxiety, you should consider a low-carb diet.

This can help your mind to feel relaxed and balanced.

Typical Foods for a Low-Carb diet

If you’re wondering what to eat with low-carb diets, here are the basics.

  • All meats except the liver are allowed. Always read the carbohydrate label, especially if you buy canned meat. This also applies to seafood.
  • Eggs. Eggs work well as foods with a low carbohydrate diet, no matter how you prepare them. 
  • Low-starch green vegetables. As it contains not just a few carbohydrates but a lot of fiber. You should limit all starchy vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, peas, and corn. They are healthy but consist entirely of carbohydrates.

Avoid High GI Foods

Usually, fruits are excellent foods that you should eat with a low carbohydrate diet. Some people suffer

On the other hand, you should avoid fruits with a high glycemic index. Such as watermelons, citrus fruits, and pineapple.

If you need help studying foods for a low-carb diet, you should talk to your doctor. In particular, the Internet is one of the most accessible resources available to you. 

RISKS of Low-Carb Diet

Just before you think that the low-carb diet will now prevent you from getting fat, you should think for yourself.

In some areas of the diet industry, you need to eliminate the carb-rich food groups in your life. However, these foods are an important source of energy we need to maintain our bodies and lead our lives.

These diets may have harmful effects on your body. These effects are alarming, but should NOT cause panic.

The low-carb diet increases the risk of osteoporosis. A high-protein diet, as found in animal meat, increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Low-carb diets encourage your body to eat high fat. Studies have shown that countries with high fat intake in their diet show an increase in breast cancer rates.


But fortunately, diets rich in fiber-rich foods would help to progressively overcome the risk of breast cancer.


Our bodies store excess energy in the form of fat. If you want to lose weight, then limiting the intake of the carbohydrate is a good choice.

A low-carb diet has a lot of benefits. In a low-carb diet, we will increase our protein intake. This can not only contribute to burning fat but also inhibit our appetite. Thus achieving the goal of weight loss.

But this kind of diet may be harmful to your health in the long term.