Throwing up is not something nice for anyone. But sometimes it is essential to throw up in case of food poisoning and indigestion problem.

In a very tough situation, you might need to provoke yourself to do so only by consulting a physician.

This is one of the uncomfortable topics to talk about or write.

However, when someone forces themselves to throw up, that indicates the person has some eating disorder.

Therefore, talking about it is necessary.

how to make yourself throw up

How to make yourself throw up

Throw Up In Most 6 Safe Ways

1. With Your Finger

When you push your finger comes in touch with the back part of the tongue, your body would suddenly react and causes a gag reflex, thus lead to an unpleasant action: vomiting.

This action makes you feel awful, but it is a quick way to make yourself throw up.

2. Warm Salt Water

In warm water, you might add a teaspoon of salt and then drink the saline water in a single gulp.

After you gulp up the water solution, it might take almost half an hour for the vomit to happen. You can also speed up this vomiting process by using your fingers.

3. Gargle with Egg Whites

The sheer thought of putting this egg white in the mouth is enough to upchuck your guts. Using egg white is tough, but it is the safest.

All you need to do is to separate the white parts of the egg and then gargle with it.

The unpleasant smell of the white egg can make you throw up immediately.

4. Unpleasant Smells and Sights can lead to throwing up

If someone sees an unpleasant thing or gets exposed to the unpleasant smell, that might lead to throwing up immediately. Try something that can make you vomit just by looking or smelling.

This happens because the neurons in the brain help to cause a reflex action and makes you feel sick.

5. Consuming the Mustard Seed

The mustard seeds retain an emetic property that leads to a nauseous feeling, which will lead to vomiting.

You can mix a teaspoon of mustard seeds in a glass of water and then drink it immediately. If you wish, you might speed up this process by using your finger.

Remember not to make it a habit as the mustard seed comprises of the high amount of sodium in it, and it’s not safe for the body if someone tends to consume it regularly.

If possible, try consulting your physician before trying this at home.

6. Bloodroot Herb

The bloodroot is a famous herb that can help one to vomit in a safe way. You need to mix this herb in water to consume and then drink more water.

This bloodroot herb is also commonly known as the bloodwort and is used to cure many health problems.

Intake of this plant can make someone feel nausea and make them throw up. But please note that this herb is a toxic plant, so if taken regularly can be harmful.

how to throw up in 6 most safe way

Throw Up In Most 6 Safe Ways

How to relieve after throwing up?

As you know that self-indulgence in vomiting can negatively impact the body. This process must not be repeated regularly to avoid any side effects. After this unwanted feeling, one needs to relax and feel better. Therefore, try out the following things after vomiting to relieve yourself.

  • You can blow your nose to discard the deposit of the vomit
  • You can gargle with mouthwash or normal water which will help you to get rid of bad smell
  • It would help if you took a hot shower
  • Keep thinking water throughout the day
  • You can drink juices get to get rid of bad breath or bad bitter taste in the mouth

Is it safe to push yourself to vomit?

Throwing up depends on certain situations one goes through. One might be suffering from indigestion problems, food poisoning, or problem-related to eating disorders.

In that situation, throwing up can make you feel relaxed and good.

This method can help in two ways. One, it helps you to feel better and lighter immediately. And second, toxins and allergens are out of the body.

However, the problem begins when someone tries this procedure regularly.

Some would make it a habit when he’s feeling gastrointestinal discomfort.

Now we need to understand that this throwing up process can hurt the esophagus as well as the upper respiratory organ.

And hurting can eventually lead to tearing the tissue of the throat and the food pipe.

So try not to make yourself throw up unless circumstances really call for it.

Why would some addicted to vomiting?

It is quite suspicious to think that someone will enjoy vomiting, but it is believed that a certain thought process can make a person can do so.

“Desire to look good” is the main reason which makes them addicted to throwing up, and it has become one of the primary factors for all people having an eating disorder.

They might think they are fat and want to reduce weight urgently, so they are throwing up whatever they are eating.

People having incurable mental health leading eating disorders might result in drastic physical health dilemmas.

Sometimes this process can adversely affect the body and lead to weight gain.

On people with this situation, throwing up can be deadly, but with the right treatment at the right time can help a person do revive from this situation.

Can Vomiting Really Help You Lose Weight?

When a person is facing the medical issue, then a professional can suggest you vomit and get rid of the uneasiness within. Other than a medical problem, sometimes, it has been found that people have psychological reasons to vomit.

If you regret the excess food that you have consumed, then you might make yourself vomit, thinking that it would help you reduce extra weight.

Can vomiting help you lose weight

Can Vomiting Really Help You Lose Weight?

It is advised to visit a health specialist or speak to an expert if you’re one of those who think in this way.

It has been observed that some people have developed a pattern of driven behavior, which is commonly known as the “bulimia nervosa.”

People with is condition tend to overeat, and so it’s called ” binging.” And later, they vomit to throw the extra food that they have eaten, and that is called “purging.”

At times it has been seen that this binging and pouring process had led to an unfavorable physical problem and emotionally made the person imbalance.

Unfortunately, this process can never lead to weight loss. Your body will only get rid of some amount of calories.

Your teeth can be in trouble as the acid from the stomach can damage your teeth.

You can also damage your esophagus or food pipe.

Plus, one can have a sudden heart attack or stroke due to electrolyte imbalance in the body.

The side effect of throwing up

Frequently make yourself throw up would cause an eating disorder. Except for the mental stress, the body would suffer more. Let’s see the following symptoms:

● Central Nervous System:

Apart from an eating disorder, this includes mental health disorders too. One might face problems such as anxiety, depression, moodiness, irritability behavior, and many other issues are noticed.

Expertise has also found suicidal behavior in many patients due to stress that has built up with time.

● Digestive system

This whole process of vomiting eventually hampers the digestive system. In the long term, it can lead to paleness and exhaustion. Apart from this, a person can have a sore throat and very bad stomach pain.

The vomit contains a high amount of acid, which can cause harm to the teeth and cause enamel erosion, gum disease, and tooth sensitivity also. Apart from all this, the acid in the vomit also leads to multiple problems. Some of them are:

a) Irritate or damage in the esophagus.
b) Pain in the stomach and heartburn.
c) The problem in the intestines leading to bloating and constipation.

● Circulatory system

Frequent vomiting can lead to a lack of fluids in the body, commonly known as dehydration. Dehydration can lead to weak muscle pain and extreme exhaustion.

The electrolytes in the body might be out of balance, and that eventually can lead to pain in the heart, irregular heartbeat, and in some cases, heart failure may happen.

Bottom Line

Induce vomiting is not quite good, but we have to do so in some cases. You now learn a few ways to make yourself throw up. Choose the one you can accept easily.

Can vomiting help to lose weight? Unfortunately, this process would probably not bring any weight loss effect for you. Your body will only get rid of some amount of calories.

Other than that, you might experience some side effects when you do so too often.