Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program and mainly targeted at ladies over 25 years old.

In this Cinderella Solution review, I will bring you to go through these sections:

  • What Is Cinderella Solution?
  • Who Creates This Program?
  • What Is Included in It?
  • How Does It Work?
  • What Can You Expect from This Program
  • What’s the Upside
  • What’s the DownSide
  • Who Is It for?
  • Bonus
  • Conclusion


Cinderella Solution

On many occasions, we may try our best to shed pounds but of no avail. There can be some reasons why we are not getting the desired results.

It might be the fact that we are not adequately guided, or we are following an outdated technique.

As we become older, our metabolic rate begins to deplete, thus making it more challenging to reduce weight over time.

But we can revive our shape by merely sticking to the proper guidelines and also making some small changes in our lifestyle.

Fortunately, Cinderella Solution contains all these guidelines. If you are hesitant to join the project, read my review.

I would tell you that it is a game-changer because it is the blueprint for a healthy diet.

And it’s a program that concentrates on natural as well as safe solutions.

What Exactly Is the Cinderella Solution?

Essentially, it’s a diet plan based on “Shoku-Iku,” which is the secret of the low obesity rate of Japanese women.

What is “Shoku-Iku”? Maybe you are wondering.

It is neither a diet plan nor a specific nutrition ratio or something else.

Instead, we can consider it a philosophy about how to combine and prepare food.

Japanese people don’t care about calorie counting like Americans do.

They hold the balance as the critical instructions of food consumption. That means if they eat a heavy breakfast, they might consider a light dish of salad for lunch.

It is also reasonable for them that if they overeat in one day, they will eat lesser the next day.

This balance happens naturally.

And the core of the Cinderella Solution program exactly takes full advantage of this philosophy, which represents it at its 28-day diet plan.

CS’s diet plan lasts for 28 days, and it’s divided into two phases (Ignite and launch phase). Each of the phases lasts for 14 days.

Ignite Phase

The “Ignite” phase, will focus on the detoxification of your body, helping you to reduce fat, and re-activate your fat-burning hormones.

At this stage, your food intake won’t be too restricted.

Launch Phase

The next stage is the “launch” phase, which will enhance your body’s metabolism, working in harmony with the first phase, to promote additional weight-loss.

The two stages of the program can be repeated if necessary, until your target body weight is achieved.

Mild exercise is also a part of this diet plan. But the physical training is optional, consisting of 8-20 minutes a day, to additionally support your metabolism.

You don’t have to buy any complicated exercise gear or visit the gym. All you will need for this exercise is a pair of dumbbells and a small space in your home.

Who Create This Cinderella Solution System?

The designer of this solution is Carly Donovan. Just like many women all over the world, Carly works hard to lose weight healthily.

Before designing this program, she was a fitness instructor.

It might be hard to believe, a fitness instructor suffering from weight problems?


Carly Donovan

Heart Broken

One day she overheard two students talking about her, and they couldn’t believe she was a fitness instructor because her belly wasn’t flat at all. That made her very upset.

Soon after this event, she had a routine blood test, learning she has diabetes, due to being 100 pounds overweight.

The Breaking Point for Her

She promised herself that she would find a solution to help her lose weight permanently.

She did a lot of research, looking for blogs, medical papers, and other useful information.

Eventually, she started to interview numerous scientists, endocrinologists, and doctors.

After years of research and practice, Carly and her team created their system, based on all the knowledge they have gained.

She applied this system to herself, ultimately achieving desirable changes.

With all the knowledge put to use, she decided to form a program that will also help others.

What Is Included in This Program?

1. The Cinderella Solution Main Book & Owners Manual

The Cinderella Solution Main Book & Owners Manual

The Cinderella Solution Main Book & Owners Manual

Cinderella Solution is going to reform your lifestyle comprehensively.

You will learn about the “2-14 days” diet plan here.

In this manual, it will introduce a series of simple exercises that will help to remove fat from the troublesome regions of your body so that you can shed pounds foster.

Also, in this book, it likewise showcases the appropriate method of re-identifying the fat-burning hormones and helping your system to melt fat successfully apart from carbohydrates and calories by making use of a simple ritual.

And this main book will also assist you in comprehending exactly when and also what types of food items and drinks you should consume to dissolve fat foster.

This astounding manual also instructs the ladies regarding how to extend their lifespan using consuming a healthy diet.

It will also provide you with a general idea regarding spice, which will help to stimulate your metabolic process significantly.

2. The Cinderella Solution Quick Start Guide

Cinderella Solution Quick Start

Cinderella Solution Quick Start

This Quick Start Guide will give you a basic understanding of how your “two 14-day” programs works.

You can regard it as a supplement to the Main Book. The unique part of this book is that you will know why you are doing this.

And the content of this book is very concise and easy to understand.

You will also get a meal preparation plan for each day of the program, so you will know what to eat.

The meal preparation plan will give you the information on how to optimally combine different tasty ingredients.

With this plan, you will be able to prepare delicious meals that will additionally promote weight-loss.

You will reactivate your metabolism with proper diet and exercise, balancing levels of estrogen, cortisol, and insulin, without counting calories.

The plan comes with other useful information, such as macro nutrition, effective food combinations, and more.

How Does It Work?

Now that we have learned the background of this program and its creator let’s see what makes it so effective?

It’s important to know that in women with insulin imbalance or resistance, their metabolic rate is likely to be affected first.
Important hormones for weight loss

With the Cinderella solution, you will gain access to some critical skills and tricks, to prevent any insulin unbalances in your body, and its harmful effects.

The main principle of this plan is to re-start and regulate the three most important hormones in your body: Estrogen, Cortisol, and Insulin, which are responsible for metabolism regulation and weight loss.

What Can You Expect from This Program

  • Cinderella Solution provides an easy solution for re-establishing your metabolism, which will allow you to shed pounds in spite of consuming your favorite food items.
  • Cinderella Solution will help you to manage your blood sugar levels flawlessly, balance your weight properly, prevent bloating, refresh your skin, and also make your hair healthier than before.
  • This program will provide you with a comprehensive guide plan consisting of a list of recipes as well as simple workouts.
  • In this book, it pointed out that flavor-pairing is an act of including specific seasonings and ingredients with meals to prompt a weight loss signal to your hormones.

Cinderella Solution Outline

Cinderella Solution Outline

Here is a typical example of flavor pairing:

Cocoa/Chocolate: Proven to boost your weight-loss results by stimulating serotonin production in the brain while regulating your mood and helping suppress your appetite, which means you will consume fewer calories throughout the day.

For more exciting flavor pairing examples, read this article.

What’s the Upside

1. It’s a simple and easy-to-follow guide. You can receive immediate access to the system as soon as you purchase. The neatest thing is that you can download the content into your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

2. It provides a verified method, particularly for the females, which will help them to shed pounds successfully within a few days only.

It will likewise provide a fantastic strategy that helps you to concentrate on your weight reduction objectives by sticking to some simple steps.

3. It will help you to save your hard-earned money as well as time, which would have been otherwise spent on purchasing useless items.

There is likewise no need for you to struggle with any harmful effects of medications or drugs.

4. You can get your full money back in 60days. WITHOUT ANY REASON.

What’s the DownSide

1. It is important to weigh yourself at least once every week to monitor your progress while following this program.

This tedious loop can make many dieters uncomfortable in the long run.

2. The majority of the food items recommended by this program happen to be low in carbohydrates, which will allow you to shed pounds quicker as compared to the other similar programs out there.

However, it can likewise prove to be unhealthy in case you are not able to follow it properly.

It is essential not to cut down any nutritious food items like high fiber veggies.

Who Is It for?

This plan is suitable for women who have tried other diets and methods before, especially those counting calories, making you eat rice crackers and big bowls of lettuce.

With these diets, women might have lost weight at first, but soon bounced back, because this lifestyle was tough to sustain.

The delicious food combinations in this program are tested to help you burn fat naturally.

You won’t have to count calories in every bite, and it will offer you a more delicious and enjoyable experience than calorie-restrictive plans.


  • 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  • The Movement Sequencing Guide


We like to conclude this Cinderella Solution review by asserting the fact that it is highly effective for women.

It comes with a simple diet plan as well as workouts.

The program will allow you to get rid of the unwanted fat from the stomach and also trim your calves, waist, hips,  and thighs.

It is not easy to lose weight, and one needs to be dedicated and perseverant for achieving this.

However, Cinderella Solution is amongst the best weight reduction programs for females.

For it has nutritional as well as exercise plans included in it.

It is backed by thorough research and will provide you with the desired outcomes.

It will likewise be possible for you to get rid of all the symptoms related to your weight problems.

Apart from this, the company also provides a lucrative 60-days cash back guaranty to every single user.